What is ArmaShield?

We all want our expensive gear to look great and last for as long as possible.
We believe that proper equipment maintenance should not be expensive or time consuming. At ArmaShield we care as much about our stuff as you do yours! This is exactly why we developed ArmaShield. So to answer the question: ArmaShield is a spray-on defense for all your stuff, and here is what it will do.

  • Adds Factory Fresh luster and brilliance to all surfaces.
  • Helps eliminate the staining and odors caused by mold, mildew & bacteria and fights their return.
  • Maintains and helps restore the new look and feel of virtually all surfaces.
  • Creates a durable finish that guards against sun damage caused by UV light.
  • Fights staining and corrosion by providing a water repellent shield.
  • Makes cleanup as simple as a wipedown with a damp cloth.
  • Resists unsightly stains caused by road grime and bugs.
  • Continues to protect even after repeated cleanings.
  • Non-toxic. Environmentally safe formula. Contains no petroleum solvents.

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